InGrain’s vision is to transform brewer’s spent grain, a waste product of beer production, into sustainable packaging and brand differentiating materials for the craft beer industry.


U.S. Craft breweries are booming: in 2014 alone, craft production rose 18%, and hundreds of new facilities are established each year. While a boon for the industry, this growth also means breweries are having a larger impact on the environment: more spent grain waste for disposal and increased demand for paperboard packaging made from virgin wood pulp. We propose to close the loop on breweries’ waste generation by using one waste product– spent grain– as an input for the other — paperboard packaging.

85% of craft breweries care about sustainability


Breweries are major consumers of disposable paperboard goods– packaging, paper goods, and promotionals. Our market research suggests that this packaging does far more than safely move product from point A to point B: breweries rely on their six-pack holders and coasters to attract customers and develop their brand identity. This identity is crucial in an increasingly crowded craft beer market whose consumers tend to value a compelling story. Therefore, any packaging that distinguishes a brewery as more genuine, more committed is an advantage in the craft market. InGrain packaging and coasters have the ability to make manifest a brewery’s commitment to closed-loop production practices, sustainability, and community.