Meet the Team


Cameron is the Financial Manager for InGrain. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Cameron has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Economics from UC Santa Barbara and a law degree from Pepperdine University. Since passing the bar in 2007, Cameron has worked as an International Tax consultant for one of the Big Four accounting firms, and then as in-house counsel for a technology startup. He has also advised many emerging companies on the legal and operational issues involved in launching a new company. Cameron developed a passion for beer after spending two formative summers in Germany, although he never learned how to properly pronounce the ‘Renheitsgebot’. When not working on optimizing waste streams in the beer production process, Cameron enjoys trail running, backpacking, scuba diving, and driving around in his 1971 VW Bus.



Talia is originally from Rainbow Valley, deep in the heart of Chugach State Park in Alaska. Before coming to Bren she worked in the environmental field as a wildlife biologist, studying critters from fuzzy to slimy. She has since switched her concentration to Corporate Environmental Management, focusing on sustainability initiatives in the craft beer industry. Aside from her role as Data Manager, Talia contributes to InGrain with her (recent) experience in a local craft brewery developing production efficiencies. It may not be a surprise that one of her pitches to brewery involves new uses of spent grain!



After a decade away exploring New York, Wyoming, and Beijing, Terra has returned to California to study Climate and Energy at Bren, specifically the impacts of climate change on water supplies. Terra’s circuitous route through food service, development, and land use and facilities planning will help InGrain navigate the fascinating nexus of the beer, agricultural, and consumer product industries. Putting her Cornell degree in history to use, she has established two basic facts about a beer-based business model: beer’s historical longevity guarantees a continued spent grain supply, and its worldwide popularity suggests eminent scalability. Terra serves as Project Manager (i.e. master of google calendar).